Who Is Aidan

Aidan is a little boy whose legacy has become “spreading the good in the world.”  He went to Heaven on July 4, 2013 after an accident during a local parade.  His heart valves were donated to two young girls who then got a second chance at life.  Aidan loved people, God, his friends and adventure.  He loved to thank military and uniformed personnel for their service and would eagerly shake their hand.

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Three hearted Turtle - blue

Three Heart Turtle Logo

Turtles always played a part of Aidan’s life.  Whether it was riding a giant tortoise at the petting zoo at church, catching turtles at a nearby pond or rescuing a family of them trying to cross the road, our boy had a thing for them.  After his death, everyday for several consecutive days a turtle, that had never come up before, showed up on our doorstep in the mornings.  The turtle in the logo has three hearts on its shell.  The large one represents Aidan’s heart, the very sweetest part of him.  The other two represent the recipients that got his donated heart valves and a second chance at life.  He would have loved knowing that he really impacted someone’s life so profoundly.

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camo angel final

Angel In A Camo Belt

Angel In A Camo Belt is our annual fundraising event.  The camo belt is the rank Aidan held at the time of his death.  And Angel, because we just know he’s doing round-house kicks in Heaven!!  The event for 2019 will be held on August 4th.  See the Events page for more details.  Money raised at this event go to all kinds of recipients, from military support groups, protective equipment for service dogs, organ/eye/tissue donation groups and so many more.  By supporting groups that are doing things that represent how Aidan lived, and the things he held dear, we are “spreading the good in the world.”  That way The Aidan Show goes on and on and on.

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How To Donate

If you would like to make a donation to Aidan’s Legacy, you can go to   This is the Oklahoma City Community Foundation which manages our fund.  They are a 501C(3) organization located at 1000 N. Broadway, Oklahoma City, OK  73102.  EIN:  23-7024262.  To mail a donation please make checks out to:  OCCF (Memo:  Aidan Hooper Legacy Fund) and mailed to P.O. Box 1146, Oklahoma City, OK  73101-1146.  Thank you.