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Our Family

This is us.  Mom is Susannah.  Little sister, who we call "Bug".  And Dad is Quinton.  We do life together.  We miss our Aidan, but we know he is looking down on us from above and tossing the occasional "penny from Heaven" which is what we call any coins we find out in the world.  When we see a beautiful sunrise or sunset, Bug will often say "Bubba painted that one for me."

Our Story

The crushing sense of loss that one experiences after the death of a child is impossible to describe.  The term "a parent's worst nightmare" doesn't seem to do it justice.  We will forever know that pain and sadness, but we will continue to heal ourselves and each other as we go through our lives together.  Finding ways to help others in Aidan's name helps us promote the good in the world, helps keep his name alive and fresh on our lips and paints a beautiful silver lining on an otherwise dark and lonely cloud.